Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tom and Jerry

Dear Lucy,
So as I walked along Market Street today, I stopped at a Carl's Jr. for a bite. There is a farmer's market going on outside and suddenly a fight breaks out between two drunk men.
The one, agressively charges at the other, and giving all he's got took a swing at the man, missing him by several miles, sending himself into a Tom and Jerry-esque spin whereupon he does the splits and lands flat on his back.
Two policemen zoomed quickly to the scene on their bicycles (really, they could have taken their time by now) to break up the fight as hords of passers by stand around regalling each other with their version of the scene, eyes glittering, arms flailing, grabbing their crotches and snorting in manly fashion.
And I wonder why I feel like my version of insanity is so accepted here?


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