Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Lucy,
Whew that sun is out and just a baking the city to a crisp. Folks are walking around looking rung-out and befuddled and wondering how long this is going to last.
It won't last long, I can guarantee that. I shaved my legs this morning.

The minute the cosmic whoever that is in charge of all this sees me shaving my legs, the clarion call goes out to that old devil fog: The pasty white lady is shaving her legs and fixing to put on shorts. Send in the fog! Rev up the wind!
And, I don't mean to sound paranoid, but I think the fog just finds me and follows me around. It's like walking to another aisle in a bookstore when you have just passed gas (not that I do), and the gas just follows you like it is velcroed to your butt.

So, I am at the air conditioned library to do some work and by god I bet when I step out that door into the city, the fog will be back. And I will be in my long pants. And high-tops. With my long-sleeved shirt in my backpack. Just like the old days.


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