Friday, September 11, 2009

A Busy Day

Dear Lucy,
Today I had to change digs as my time at the Amsterdam Hostel was up. I had already made reservations for eight days at another hostel and as it turns out it is only two blocks from the first.
Instead of being in a room with 5 others I am in a room with 3 others. Hope it is quieter.
I like this place more already as it has a great common area with comfy couches, lots of light for reading or working and a cool old fireplace.
The Amsterdam had no place comfortable and well lit enough to just sit and read so I would either end up sitting out on the front porch where the smokers were, or in the kitchen at an uncomfortable chair.
So, I am happy. Still itchy. Still getting more splotches.
I am wondering if these splotches are from fleas or something like that. After all, I am in a hostel where lots of people are breezing through with backpacks and all. Just a possibility.
So, I spent some time at the library, then did some writing.
Getting lots done and feel really good about it.

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