Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anne Would Have a Cow Man.

Dear Lucy,
I just had to snap a picture of this flag on my way home from the library. Anne would have had a cow, man.
I can divulge this now. She's dead. What can she do?
Anne was a flag-waving patriot.
OK, I said it.
The fact that this flag is so thin and faded that you can see through it would have sent her into spasms of acrimony.
"That flag should be burned and a new one put in it's place. How can anyone fly the American flag in that condition?" That is about what she would say.
Oh. And don't get me started about how upset she would be if a flag was flown after dark!
Too late. You got me started.
"No flag shall be left out after dark without being properly illuminated". That's what she would say. Properly illuminated. Like she memorized it from a handbook of flag etiquette.

It is odd how I can be surrounded by possible memories of Anne and not be phased, and then see an American flag and think fondly and amusingly of her and of some of the odd things that would rankle her.
Well, I noticed this flag and got rankled in your honor Anne. Wherever you are.


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