Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Lucy,
Whew, what a day. As I continue my research at the library on San Francisco during the Gold Rush, I am amazed and excited at how much information there is to go through.
I have been reading, and writing and typing and outlining and even doing some writing of the book today.
What I have learned so far has changed my scope of the novel in a good way, and in a big way.
So, my brain--not used to so much exercise--is tired from the mental gymnastics of re-thinking my plot twists and characters.
It is a good thing. I need the diversion. I need something to be excited about and work on.
But, I am tired. And I am going to go hang out in the TV room and watch Family Guy because I am just that kind of sick, twisted, individual. If you have ever watched Family Guy, you'll understand.

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