Monday, September 14, 2009


Dear Lucy,
Egad, all this time I have been giving you flea baths and putting flea drops on you so you wouldn't have to suffer the constant itchy/scratchy creepy fleas, and here I am needing a flea bath, some flea drops and a compassionate owner to feel sorry for me because of bedbugs.
Cathy sent me an article she had looked up online and yep that's what my welts looked like. Bedbug bites.
I went immediately to the front desk and they jumped right on it with all their apologies and excitement and business, and I sit here in the only clothes I think have not been infested, having nearly scalded myself with the hottest shower I could stand, and waiting for my stuff to get washed by the hostel.
One day I will look back on all this and laugh.
Today, I will scratch.


  1. Normally I enjoy being right about things...

    I say - if they don't make this 100% right by you before the day ends, let's get you into a nice hotel and OUTTA THERE!!

    Call me: 1-800-BIG-ITCH