Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Lucy,
As I lie in my bunk on the 4th floor of the hostel last night sweating for all I was worth, I thanked God that I didn't have to worry about having a hot flash on top of all this.

I was really hot and sweaty as I had walked very briskly home from the concert in Oakland. There were dozens of people from the concert at the BART station, hundreds of people all over the place, so it didn't seem scary.

When I got off BART, I had about a 5 block uphill walk to the hostel and again though there were still lots of people out in the warm midnight, I still couldn't help but let my imagination run away from me a bit.

I imagined turning a corner and there suddenly being no one there. Like being alone in a dark alley. Then, as I finished my 360 degree turn to witness this, up pops Rod Steiger with the Twilight Zone music playing in the background and him with that look on his face. You know the one, the: "I have the business end of a toilet brush shoved up my ass, but you're not supposed to know it" look, as he mumbles about controlling my horizontal and vertical.

But, that didn't happen, mostly because I didn't buy any funny brownies at the concert!
I got home fine, crawled into bed, finally cooled off, and fell asleep to some very strange dreams.


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