Monday, September 21, 2009

Heading Home

Dear Lucy,
It is Monday morning and I am sitting in the common room of the hostel, blogging and reading emails and just killing time until I have to head to the Oakland airport for my flight home.

It will be nice to get out of the hostel world where privacy is out of the question, everyone is very young and has a foreign accent and is coming from or going to someplace exotic.

I feel very good that I have accomplished what I set out to and even more as I have had the great blessing of having my ex, Cathy back in my life as a new/old best friend.

I finished the research for the book that I needed to get it back on track, ate tons of great San Francisco food, wrote lots of poetry and blog entries, and came to the conclusion that while I love San Francisco and would come back and live here, it is not a priority.

So for those of you on my end and on Cathy's end who worried, wondered, expected that we would just get back together, you may breath a sigh of relief! We did have a few great laughs at your expense though, I must admit.

For me personally, I have always had to have an escape hatch. A way, place to run off to when the need came. Anne seemed to instinctually understand this and just knowing that she did and always encouraged me to "take off" if I needed to made being "settled" do-able for me.

Now, I have another escape hatch--San Francisco. Somehow, if I decided to move back, I would make it and I would like it. It would mean big changes and lots of sacrifice, but I know now that I still have the guts to go out on a limb and try new things even if they are scary, and having Cathy nearby would mean I would have one person in the area to go hang out and have a good laugh at life with. And, it is the people in our lives that matter more than anything, right?

So, it is good-bye to San Francisco for now and hello to autumn in Bellingham.



  1. My Dear BFF - You neglected to tell them about our 70 year backup-plan pact! Shhhhh! We shall keep it a secret and surprise everyone! Whooo Hooo!

    Having you here and rekindling our friendship was really a blessing for me as well. Thank you!

    As for coming back here - I dunno - it is such a frigging rat race. I walked into my department this morning and people were too busy to say "Good Morning" - can you imagine? TOO BUSY to say "Good Morning" - they were running around all harried and frenetic like someone had swiped acetone on their bung holes. I thought to myself, 'do you actually want to do this for another 7 years?'

    LOL - I want to run away to Bellingham where everything is green!!

  2. Girlfriend, take an early retirement and get the F out of there before they kill you. You can always sell you plasma here!