Saturday, August 15, 2009

Went to the Movies

Dear Lucy,
Today Suzie and I went to see "Julie and Julia" at the theater. The movie was pretty good; Meryl Streep did a great performance.

I don't know that as a person of poorness I would pay to see it at a theater as it is not exactly a big screen type of movie, but Suzie and I were most seriously bored having neither garden to ravage nor dumpster to dive into.

Not that one needs to dumpster dive in this apartment complex. Folks are nice enough to leave items near the dumpster rather than throw them in it.

I have been fighting a rather depressing case of low energy this week though I am sleeping all right and not sick.

But, I give the movie a thumb's up if one is not finding much available to watch. It is a laugh.


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