Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On the Lam

Dear Lucy,
This is hard to admit, but Suzie and I are on the lam. She came home from a friend's house to inform me that a neighbor told her that she could glean his vegetable garden and blueberry bushes while he and his girlfriend were on vacation in Portugal.
After gleaning to our heart's content, taking two of his 4 cabbages, several Zucchini, tons of his beans and quite nearly all of his blueberries we learned from a neighbor that we were only supposed to avail ourselves of a few items.
You can't Super Glue cabbages back on to their stocks or tie the beans back to their poles. You can't unpick blueberries or even hope to save them until their owner returns in two weeks.
Our only hope is to eat the evidence and lay low hoping that he cools off and didn't have big plans for his produce.
In the meantime, call me Francuazan and Suzie Gustavoan until the heat is off!


1 comment:

  1. You didn't learn from the stereo incident did you??? I would throw myself on the mercy of the court if I was you!!!