Friday, August 28, 2009

A Visit with Cathy in San Francisco

Dear Lucy,

I arrived in Oakland airport at about 10:30 this morning and by the time I got to the hostel in SF it was about 1pm.

Luckily, I called Cathy (my ex from many years ago) and she was home so we made plans to meet in Millbrea which is down the peninsula. Of all amazement, the Bart train now goes that far so I was able to get to the Millbrea station and meet up.

Cathy took me to Half Moon Bay which is a nice little beach town and we had a nice dinner together. We talked like two friends who hadn't seen each other in forever and after dinner took a walk on the beach and watched the sunset. I realized how much I miss the sound of waves crashing to shore, and we spotted a couple of dolphin cavorting in the waves.

After that she took me to her place and we had a soda and talked until I felt I needed to go to get the BART train before it got too late.

It was a great time getting together with an old friend and to know that we can now just be friends without expectations and let bygones be bygones. I am so STOKED.

Thanks Cath for the great time, I am so tickled that you are so happy and doing so well.



  1. It was wonderful seeing you again! I hope we will connect again before you leave.

  2. PS - You forgot to tell them about the shooting star! LOL !!!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog, it's cool. I'm from SF...well I was transplanted there many years ago, now I live in MT.

    Have a great trip!!!