Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready for a Walk

Dear Lucy,
As I prepared for my evening walk yesterday, Suzie had to take a picture of just how stunning I looked.
With the crazy camouflage shorts, the high-top sneakers (with skulls), sunglasses and hat, I just can't understand why I am not a chick magnet!
We often walk the same route in the evenings, but this one I took a different turn and ended up going much farther than usual. I also counted 7 expired VW buses in several different driveways and concluded that my neighborhood must be where all the Deadheads, (those are the hippies that followed the Grateful Dead band from one venue to the other) landed when Jerry Garcia died in 1995.
Makes me wonder what the nursing homes are going to look like in about 20 years when the hippies start hitting them. Will the homes have old 60's music playing to their tie-dye-shirt clad residents while they reminisce about the Vietnam war, LSD, and Woodstock?
Will they have to have vegan/vegetarian homes decorated with old concert posters of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Wavy Gravy?
It's a frightening thought. Perhaps I will go back to fractals!

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