Monday, August 31, 2009

Doesn't Work in San Francisco

Dear Lucy,
I took some time today to go to the Mission District to check out a "Pirate" shop for my friend Deb.
I arrived kind of early due to the fact that my 5 very young and robust room mates were up at 8am, showering, dressing, putting on makeup, talking in whatever language they were speaking in (sounded Middle-Eastern) and generally being too noisy for me to sleep through even with earplugs.
I finally stumbled out of bed at about 9am, went to the kitchen where there are free waffles (you have to make them yourself though) and coffee. The waffles are rib-sticking and the coffee eye-opening. The sugar container pours from zero to 6 tablespoons in a nano-second so between that and the syrupy waffles, I was rarring to go!
So I waited for an hour for the pirate shop to open at a nearby park. Not your nice, take the kids to play in the sand-box park, but safe enough for the Mission District. A group of Mexican guys were playing cricket of all things. Cricket? In America? In California? In San Francisco?? It causes the heart to flutter.
I finally got into the shop and made my purchase and then wandered around the rest of the day watching the weird.
Tomorrow, if the "girls" get up and start with a re-run of this morning, I might just get up and dance around nude. They are foreigners, it might work on them. On locals? I wouldn't even get a nod! And that, my friends, is what makes San Francisco great.

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