Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear Lucy,
I was listening to "The Doors" yesterday. Yes, I know, it is an old band but I am still probably their number one (and only?) fan.
One song they were well known for was called "The End" and it was a song that Anne and I had playing many times while making love. I guess until yesterday, I never really listened to the opening stanzas:

This is the end
beautiful friend.
This is the end
my only friend the end.
Of our elaborate plans
the end.
Of everything that stands
the end.
No safety or surprise
the end.
I'll never look into your eyes

We loved that song and now it haunts me with the bare truth of the words. It is the end for us, the end of our plans, the end of the surprise of life together, the end of our safety together. And, I never will look into her eyes again. Those big, green, captivating eyes that turned me into an instant puddle.
If you, gentle reader, have someone in your life whom you cherish, go look into his or her eyes for me. Drink them in like you will never see them again. Let yourself be held by them and nurtured by them. Turn into a puddle now and revel in it.
Because you never know when the end is.

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