Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cars, Cars, Cars

Dear Lucy,
So, my van broke down on Saturday. Overheated. Fortunately, I didn't fry it, managed to get it to a safe place where I could get it towed.
But, the radiator is toast and has to be replaced. That along with its hoses will come to about 600 dollars. Ouch.
I am glad though that it happened now before I leave for SF. Hate to have Suzie get stranded with Dad in the car.
And it is a 1995 car so I guess things will start going tits-up on it.
And, it is just money, right??

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  1. Well, you missed that "Cash for Clunkers" thing! Sorry to hear your van is aging and enfirmed- my truck is a 1996 and the alternator died on me last year, I thought it was the beginning of the end but after that nothing more happened, so this may only be an isolated incident and you can move on from it with confidence.