Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Friend Deb goes Fem!

Dear Lucy,

It isn't often that a card-carrying pirate like my friend Deb cross-dresses in a dress no less (hey that rhymes!)

Usually comfortable in a pair of slacks and t-shirt often stained with the days meals, Deb is not your feminine type of gal. Anyone who thinks an eye patch and dog hair constitutes accessories, is not one for girly things.

But, she had a wedding to go to, and urged by a friend of hers, she bought a dress and even painted her toenails.

Now, to keep her anonymity and to prevent any one from becoming overwrought and turning into a stalker, I am not showing her face.

She made it through the whole day before she lost her freshness, but a day in a dress is a daring thing for any pirate to do. Way to go Deb!


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