Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You Meet the Strangest People at the Dog Park

Dear Lucy,
Since Suzie's surgery I have been taking the dog to the local off-leash dog park every day. She has a great time howling and playing chase with any and every dog that comes by.
I, on the other hand, am often stuck chatting with weird dog owners.
This one woman in particular was one of those overly holistic people. She was skinny in an anorexic way with a whiny voice, and proceeded to tell me all the woes her German Shepherd had been going through.
Then it was on to her cat who when it got sick was taken to an Acupuncturist and had needles stuck in its nose!
Now, I have owned (been owned by really) several cats in my life. I have had to clip their claws and shove pills down their throats and I am here to tell you, they never appreciated any of it and had no apprehension in showing me.
I can't imagine a cat sitting still and allowing needles to be stuck in its nose or anywhere else for that matter.
So, while relating this story to Suzie at dinner I said rather emphatically, "Ain't no one ever gonna stick needles in my pussy!"
And then I watched her try mightily not to shoot food through her nose as she laughed at me.


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