Monday, July 20, 2009

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Dear Lucy,
Sorry I haven't written lately but I am busy in my temporary role as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.
Suzie had her surgery last Monday and is recovering nicely, but she still can't do much at home but rest. That leaves me with all the house work, cooking and dog walking right now along with my full time job of being crazy and generally morose.
Suzie was walking Lucy twice a day usually 3 miles at a pop so Lucy is used to lots of exercise. I, unfortunately developed a new hemorrhoid while lugging my backpack around on my trip, that is the size of Mount Rushmore and feels like walking with a bowling ball up my ass, so am unable to walk Lucy that far.
Fortunately, we have a big off leash dog park a few miles away and I have been taking her there in the morning and then walking her about 2 miles in the evening.
The hard part about cooking is not the actual cooking, it's figuring out what to make. I can live on spinach salad with "fake chicken" myself, but doesn't work well with Dad or Suzie.
Of course Suzie was married to a Mexican man for 27 years and cooked Mexican food. Dad can't eat Mexican food and I don't cook Mexican food well so she has been struggling with cravings for hot and spicy. I bought her a bottle of Tabasco sauce, but it isn't the same.
As far as bottle washing, I LOVE THE DISHWASHER! Need I say more?


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