Monday, July 27, 2009

How Guns Play with Boys

Dear Lucy,
Read a thought provoking article of a study done in 2006.

"In this ingenious study, 30 male college students were told they were going to take part in a taste sensitivity test using Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Participants were tested individually. Each gave a saliva sample, then half the men were asked to play with a pellet gun while the control group played the children's game Mouse Trap. Afterward, both groups provided another saliva sample. Then were given a cup of water with a single drop of hot sauce in it--they were told the drink had been prepared by the previous study subject--and they were asked to taste and rate the taste on a scale provided. The men were then left alone to prepare a new drink for the next subject by placing as much hot sauce as they wanted in a cup of water. They were told that neither the experimenter nor the next subject would know who made the mix.
The results: the saliva samples showed significant increases in testosterone in the men who had played with the guns compared to those who'd played the children's game. In addition, the high-testosterone men added more hot sauce to the water than those subjects who'd played Mouse Trap. In fact, the higher the testosterone level, the more hot sauce they poured in. These results were so stunning that the researchers examined whether aggressive hot sauce use diminished once testosterone levels were controlled. It did."

Makes one wonder if all them shoot 'em up computer games aren't raising up a new batch of warriors we could do without!

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