Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Love my Sleeping Bag

Dear Lucy,
So I haven't started to tell of my trip home from Florida.
I had Donna drop me off early as I was concerned about getting my bicycle on the train. Good thing I did.
Of course, I had to take the pedals off and turn the handle bars perpendicular to the bike and put it in a bike box, blah, blah, blah. It was fine as checked luggage from Jacksonville to Seattle, but because I then had to take a bus from Seattle to Bellingham, and it didn't have checked luggage, everyone at the train station started getting nervous.
After many phone calls they got it all straightened out and the bike was fine and all was well with the world.
The train was an hour and a half late getting in to the station.
Taking the train, I knew I would have to deal with it being late alot and have taken it in stride so far. The thing that bummed me out this time though was that this meant that my 3 hour layover in NYC would be cut short and I wanted to have time to walk to Central Park and see the John Lennon memorial. It didn't happen, but then that's another story.
I got on the train and they had the air conditioning on full-blast and it was blowing right at me.
I felt like Nanook of the North freezing to death in my shorts. I made my complaint but was told that they would have to turn the AC down on the whole car and looking around at the other people, I decided that I wasn't going to risk their wrath.
So I get my jeans out and proceed to the bathroom to change into them. It was like trying to change clothes on a roller coaster. You just can't beat that for cheap entertainment and the opportunity to brush up on those rusty ballet moves!
In the end, I had to break out my sleeping bag and cover up in it up to my head.
My sleeping bag gets the MVP (that's Most Valuable Player for those of you who don't watch baseball) for the trip. It was the one item that I almost didn't bring, and yet used the most.


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