Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hate to admit it, but I shopped at Walmart!

Dear Lucy,
I hate Walmart. Not because it's a bad place to shop, but because of its politics and horrible business practices.
But while in Florida I bought a little camera there because I got tired of lugging my still/video camera around.
The camera I bought was a cheapy that took digital pictures. It didn't have anything fancy and it fit into my pocket.
It was a piece of crap. Half the pictures I took would not show up on my computer even directly from the card, so I returned it to the Walmart here in Bellingham.
They didn't want to take it back because of course, I didn't have all the parts. So, I ended up exchanging it for another, better and more expensive camera.
So, I sold out for a brief moment and shopped at the "Big Box Store".
I will loath myself later. Right now I have a new camera to play with!!


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