Monday, July 6, 2009

I Loved New York!

Dear Lucy,

Getting on with my story of getting home, I had the option of going from Jacksonville Florida to DC or to New York city before heading to Chicago. Having done DC on the way to Jacksonville, I opted for NYC.

Unfortunately, because of the delay in Jacksonville, I had less time than expected in NYC. I ended up at Penn Station (most would figure Grand Central Station) in Manhattan. I only had a couple of hours lay-over and so I didn't even check my backpack in. I just wore it.

I have to say that I felt more comfortable walking around Manhattan than I did walking around Florida. I blended in (even with a backpack on my back) and everyone else was so busy they didn't even take a second look at me.

I walked to Times Square and looked at all the "pretty lights", tried not to just stare straight up at the tall buildings like some tourist out of hick-town, ate a hot dog from one of those sidewalk stands and walked back to the station. I had time then to sit on the steps of the post office across the street from the station and watch the people and listen to the taxis and the busses play duelling horns with each other.

I would love to go back and spend time there (though I am not big on "sight seeing") and just hang out and be a New Yorker for a while. Maybe some day.

Back on the train, we headed up the state and even through Utica New York, the birthplace of my first partner Cathy (who spells her name with a C but I still loved her!). The area was very beautiful, but what I could see of the town from the train looked very small and economically depressed. Lots of old brick buildings that looked like factories now unused.

After Utica, it was nearly dark and time to roll back up in my sleeping bag and get some shut-eye. Thank God this train was a bit warmer!
The picture is of me sitting on the steps of the post office. I call it, "Nose Hairs in New York". I think it has promise of becoming a Broadway play!


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