Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gearing up for another train ride

Dear Lucy,
I am gearing up for the next leg of this journey; a train ride from Los Angeles to Jacksonville Florida.
By way of Chicago.
That's right. Chicago.
It seems that Hurricane Katrina is still having her way with the South as the train tracks from New Orleans east are still not up and running since the big blast. So, I could either take the southern route from Los Angeles through Arizona, New New Orleans and then head north to Chicago, or I could rent a car in New Orleans and drive the rest of the way (with a bicycle strapped in the trunk) or just skip the southern route all together.
I decided that being dumped off in New Orleans was not my idea of a good time and would stress me out too much, so that was out.
So, I will be going to Chicago, changing trains there, then going to DC and changing trains there and then heading down the east coast to Florida.
I have to believe that when an adventure takes a turn like that, it's for a reason, and so I am excited to see who I will meet, or what will happen on this trip.
I leave on the evening of the 3rd and get in to Jacksonville on Sunday morning. My friend Donna will pick me up and I will stay with her for a while before heading to Georgia to see Regi.
I have started packing and repacking, and setting items aside to ship home like my heavy jacket and items given to me by family.

I will try to write faithfully on this blog until I leave California. And maybe, there won't be any earthquakes between now and Wednesday!


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