Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me Want!

Dear Lucy,

While driving along Beach Blvd to the beach I passed this Honda dealership and they had this new Honda Fury out front.

I had just read about it on line and thought it looked pretty cool from the pictures, but wow. So, I had to flip a u-turn and get a picture of this.

I know, you're saying; "it's not a Harley, it don't count."

I say, "you are a dog, what do you know?"

Anyway, as you can see, it's their version of a chopper, a 1300 and something CC engine so it has a little giddy-up to it and it sells for just under $13,000.00. Not bad for a chopper.

As I stood outside taking this picture, of course no one came running out to ask me if I needed any help, which brings me to the story of buying my first motorcycle.

Anne and I went to Skagit Power Sports and were looking around the showroom and sitting on bikes for quite some time. No one offered to help.

So we sat on the bike I was interested in for another five minutes watching the sales people hanging out talking to each other and ignoring us.

So I, in my usual, easy-going, unassuming way, went to the parts counter, got the manager and said, "Is there some unwritten rule around this place that says you don't wait on people who are wearing a bra?"

I am sure I gave that manager a good story to tell his friends, and they have hired some women sales people since.

Changing the world one bike shop at a time!

I had thought about doing the same thing yesterday because I really did want to sit on the bike and see if my legs would reach the pegs (hey, that rhymes!), but I thought better of it. Where am I gonna get 13 grand for a motorcycle anyway?


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