Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angels and Demons, the movie

Dear Lucy,

Last night Ken (my bro) and I went to see the movie Angels and Demons. Oddly enough, he and I unknowingly had just read the book; he in Hawaii and I on the train to LA.

Boy, was the movie different. Of course, it always is different because a screen-play adaptation can't give all the details or draw out the plot like a book. So, I expected that.

But, this was really different. I spent half my time trying to figure out where key characters from the book were in the movie, and why some key elements weren't used and different twists added.

It was a good movie. It moved quickly and had lots of action. But the best part of Dan Brown, the author of the book, is his ability to weave lots of information (about the Illuminati in this case) into the story without making you feel like you are reading a text book.

I was very good though in that after the movie and during, I didn't point out what I thought were some obvious flaws like that it was broad daylight in the movie after 8pm when the first murder took place which got me thinking, "it must be summer time, maybe it gets dark later there, but then it's so far south it would be more like Southern California that doesn't stay light near as long as Washington State in the summer..." and of course I lost track of the movie. Pointing out things like this to Anne used to drive her nuts.

Then at one point in the movie Ken leaned over and asked me if I had ever seen "Hunt for Red October". I guess a character in the movie was in that movie.

He had forgotten my problem with remembering movies. It used to drive Anne really nuts.

We would be with some friends and one would ask us if we had seen a certain movie. In unison, she would say yes and I would say no. Then the whole thing started. It went something like this:

Me: "Really? We saw that movie? When?"
Anne: "Oh, you remember (giving some reference as to a time), we saw it with so and so.
Me: "I don't remember it. Who was in it?"
Anne: (So and so, some actor's name).
Me: Who is that?
Anne: He was in (such and such a movie)
Me: Really? Did I see that movie?
Anne: Of course you saw it...
Me: What else was he in?

And on it would go until Anne would get frustrated and tell me she was never getting sucked into this kind of conversation again!
She would of course get sucked in, but as the years went by the conversations grew shorter!
She also wouldn't let me go pick out a movie at the video store alone either as I would inevitably come home beaming at the thought of watching the one I picked out that, of course, we had already seen.

So when Ken asked me about the movie I just laughed and he remembered this story. Some people learn faster than others.

So, I will probably rent Angels and Demons two years from now and watch it anew (in my mind) not remembering the book either, and have a different critique on it.

Life is always so fresh and new for me!


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