Monday, May 25, 2009

Mount Baldy

Dear Lucy,
On Saturday I decided to take a drive to Mount Baldy. Mt. Baldy is about 25 minutes from Ontario, and part of the San Gabriel mountain range.

As young teenager I hiked on the mountain every Saturday with some of my siblings and my brother-in-law. As a young adult my friend Trici and I and whomever else was along, with a snoot-full of alcohol and a lung-full of pot would pile into her VW pickup (this was the 70's folks) and she would drive us up there.

So, this was something to do and a literal drive up and down memory lane.

Not much has changed on the mountain. It's drier having absolutely no snow on it even on its peak, the road isn't any better and the hair-pin turns are still as hair-pin as ever.

Coming home I stopped at a Carl's Jr for some dinner and was surprised to notice that there was a rent-a-cop working there! Security guards in fast-food restaurants?

I thought maybe he worked nearby and was on his break until an armored car pulled up and the guy came in to get the money and waved at the rent-a-cop.

What's this world coming to when there's a security guard at a Carl's Jr????


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