Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally got to the beach!

Dear Lucy,

So, after all my adventures, I finally made it to the beach. I parked at the pier, got my bike off the rack and my chair, and wouldn't you know it. I forgot to bring the key to my bike lock!

I had planned to ride a bit, stop to get some sun and to read, and then ride back feeling smugly superior for having gotten some exercise. CURSES!

Fortunately, the beach has some grassy areas by the board walk where those who don't want to get sand in there cracks can go, and you can just park your bike near you and keep an eye on it.

That's what I did. I parked. I read. I got a sunburn. I rode up and down some of the boardwalk. And I drove home feeling smugly superior for having gotten some exercise.

Huntington Beach was all abuzz setting up nets and bleachers and booths for some huge volleyball championship this weekend.

Just think; hundreds of young, taut, tanned bodies jumping around and slapping their leather balls over nets!

Isn't America great?


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