Sunday, October 4, 2009

I need a stronger heart

Dear Lucy,
So Friday evening I am fixing dinner and Lucy walks into the kitchen and pukes on the floor. The puke is all CHOCOLATE. For those who don't know, chocolate is poisonous to dogs.
Seems Dad was eating a chocolate bar on the couch while Suzie and I were away and he fell asleep. Lucy, being an opportunist, ate it and Dad didn't tell me.
So, having had to induce vomiting on a dog before I broke out the hydrogen peroxide and chicken broth and started shoving it down Lucy's throat. She puked some more chocolate.
I ended up taking her to the emergency Vet where they shoved a charcoal solution down her throat twice. She spent the night.
She is fine now, though her tummy is still a bit upset. But no major problems thank God.
I don't have the heart for another loss, which is what I told God or Godess or the Big Joker in the Sky while I was driving Lucy to the emergency Vet.
I got my Lucy back. But it cost me $350.00. Ouch.


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  1. Your heart and our candles! We were lighting candles and saying prayers over here like there was no tomorrow! At one point Sam suggested we dispense with them and just start a fire in the middle of the living room.