Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dear Lucy,
You know life is too structured when even in the gutter, you are told which way to go.
The fine print on this grate is: point toward curb.
I quite frankly couldn't take being told what to do by the gutter so I stopped, and yelled, "Stop telling me what to do, you're not the boss of me!"
People stare at you in Bellingham when you do that.
Note to self: I am not in San Francisco anymore.


  1. You're gonna end up in one of those jackets with no holes for the hands to come out in. It's a misnomer to call it a "straight" jacket.

  2. LOL ... " you're not the boss of me" ...LOL

    Kath, you never mind that nasty old gutter and instead listen to your own INNER GUTTER! I'm going to start a new pseudo-religion with that has the tag line: Follow Your Inner Gutter!