Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Hair-brained Idea

Dear Lucy,
So, I got a wild idea a few days ago, that it would be a real adventure to buy a motorcycle here in Florida and ride it home to Washington.
I found this bike, a Yamaha VStar 250, at a dealership in Daytona.
I would have the time to do the ride. I would have the money to do the ride.
The questions I keep rolling over in my head (besides the obvious: "Have I lost my mind??") are,
Should I save the money because I may need it later?
Am I being reckless?
Am I being selfish?
Am I having a mid-life crisis?
If I don't do it right now while I have the time, money, health, etc, will I regret it later?
Am I hesitating out of fear or good sense?
Still pondering...

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