Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Drinking on a Florida Beach

Dear Lucy,
Yesterday I had the chance to not only drink large quantities of beer at a beach pub in Florida, but I got to do it with a friend I haven't seen in over a year.
Regi moved to Georgia (where she was born and raised) after living in Washington for several years and worming her way into my heart as a very good friend.
We had only had phone contact after Anne died and so our meeting was a time to share our feelings about Anne, to talk about good times, and for me to meet her new partner, Lynn.
Regi and I drank the beer (because, well, someone had to do it), and Lynn, bless her heart, drank "sweet tea". No really, she spent several hours with me having just met me, and stayed sober. Talk about a strong woman!
After we had filled ourselves with suds, Regi wanted to take a walk on the beach. So she and I staggered down the beach, and Lynn made sure we didn't fall into the ocean and get carried off by the waves.
It was a good time, a chance to rekindle an old friendship and an opportunity to make a new friend in Lynn...


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  1. It was good seeing you and reminiscing. Cheers!