Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hungry all the Time

Dear Lucy,
Yes, I must admit it; I am hungry all the time these days. Not the hungry that sends one to the all-night Taco Bell, but the hungry that sends one to find spiritual food or maybe intellectual food.
Maybe it is the fact that my job demands absolutely no real intellectual stimulation; no challenge to problem solve other than finding the fastest or shortest way from here to there.
Maybe I am just truly bored. There is--and in my opinion has never been--anything on TV that could really hold my interest even with 200 channels to chose from! How sad is that?
I guess part of the problem is that the Christianity that kept me going has, in the last few years, become flat and lifeless.
Buddhism, which I started studying about 5 years ago, while interesting and peaceful in nature, is based on meditation a practice I have never been able to do regularly.
And, there's the rub eh? I have no religion: not a techno-geek, not a religious nut, not a crazed consumer not an over eater, not a sports nut...hmmm.


  1. There is a certain amount of lonliness when you first get over believing in the whole "sky god thing." You lose your sense of community that you enjoyed with other believers. However, there is also a whole new community of non-believers out there for you to tap into. I would suggest a goggle search for atheists or hunamists to get a start. I like "" myself. Or try craigslist for local groups in your area.

    2nd - Since you have gotten past the whole sky god watching over you thing, take pride in the fact that you have, on your own, managed to traverse each day and all that you may have experienced that day. It was you who got people to their destinations safely and quickly. You have personally touched the lives of others. It was you who kept that crazy house you call home running. It was you... Take pride in each day.

    and "C" - get your kester over to the library or that wonderfull Barnes & Noble you have in Bellingham and pick up a book again. Reading other's work will inspire you to write what's on your mind. It will also broaden your horizons.

    and lastly - get out into nature. You have lots of it in your area. I like the ocean. Take that crazy beagle of yours to the doggie park. Ride a bike.
    Love ya,

  2. Thanks Bro, good advice. I will hit the Barnes and Nobel again and take Lucy to the doggie park.
    Sometimes a good kick in the %#$ helps!


  3. Speaking as a really bad Buddhist ... anything can be a meditation. Walking, driving, doing the dishes, staring out a window... even blogging!