Friday, June 25, 2010

What I Am Reading

Dear Lucy,

I have just finished reading, "Buyology" by Martin Lindstrom.

The book is a study in why we buy products and how advertising is changing and entering our lives in ways we are unaware of.

“Why do rational people act irrationally? Written like a fast paced detective
novel, "Buyology" unveils what neuromarketers know about our decision making so
we can buy and sell more insightfully."
- Dr. Mehmet C Oz Professor of
Surgery, Columbia University, and author of YOU -The Owner’s Manual

One study, to find out if all the anti-smoking advertising is working, took a group of smokers, hooked them up to a machine to scan their brains and, long story short, showed them pictures of the cigarette warning along with pictures of smoker's lungs and all sorts of gory smoker related physical ailments.

They found that the test showed that rather than turning the smokers off, it actually stimulated the craving area of the brain!

One other tid bit of information is that vanilla is the most popular scent in the United states. Why? They think it is because human breast milk has a hint of vanilla scent in it and we are therefore attracted to it at a basic human level.

I'm not crazy wild about vanilla scents myself. Perhaps that's because I was bottle fed...


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