Saturday, June 5, 2010


Dear Lucy,
Today I was called into work early and so worked from 8 am to 6:30 pm...without a lunch or break.
I saw and talked to so many people today they are almost a total blur. But I shall try and remember.
First the guy who works as a civilian for the Navy spending most of his time in hotels all over the world. He was coming back from San Francisco only to leave for Norfolk in two days.
There was the guy who was hearing voices because he ran out of his anti-psychotic meds. I took him to the ER.
There was the banker from NYC visiting his 84 year old mother to try and get her some assistance so he doesn't have to make her move to NYC so he can care for her. I was able to give him lots of free advice.
A young guy needing a ride to his car, left last night when he was too drunk to drive...the woman pregnant who had been grocery shopping...the usual man who lives in a half-way house and has the mental capacity of a ten year old...the Canadian man who timed his arrival over the border wrong and so I had to drive him 25 miles in 15 minutes to make his plane in Bellingham...
Big small, short tall, rich poor, sane crazy, I get to see them all.
Makes my life look boring by comparison!


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