Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cab-In Fever

Dear Lucy,
So my last fare yesterday to end my 10 hour shift was to pick up three Canadians at the border and drive them to a resort called Semiahmoo Resort. Very posh place on the water, with sail boats and all that cool rich people stuff.
Two men and a woman about my age jump in the car and ask me to take them to the nearest grocery store so the woman could buy vegetables. Seemed a little strange, but I had seen worse.
Later, as we are driving to the resort, I hear her talking to the man in the back seat with her about her purchase of some broccoli and 6 cupcakes with "Happy Birthday" on them.
As we enter the resort area, we pass a beautiful golf course to which the two men drooled over.
The woman was busy asking where the tent was.
I finally said, "It's none of my business, but you are going to a nice resort and you have neither luggage nor golf clubs and you are looking for a tent."
"Yes, we are having dinner in the tent," the woman replied. "Not a little tent, one of those big ones."
"It's a wedding," one of the men finally said as if this explained it all.
I replied with my usual, "I see," and shut up.
Soon I let off the three passengers who had no luggage, were dressed in street clothes, carrying a bag of raw broccoli and 6 cupcakes to a wedding.
They tipped me well--probably to keep quiet about this whole thing.
I left feeling badly that I didn't at least let the woman know that in the States we throw rice at the bride and groom, not raw vegetables.
But then, I am just a cab driver; what do I know?


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