Monday, August 16, 2010

The Job World

Dear Lucy,
Haven't heard a thing from those Pucker-stringed-melon-sucking-vampiric corporate yahoohs yet.
Of course, they move at glacial speed so I may be ready for retirement before I hear from them.
No, I believe I have to go before his majesty the general manager and grovel first. I will have to swear on all I believe is holy (the list of which shortens by the day), that I shall neither cuss, swear, or raise my voice, I shall keep my demonesque tattoos covered and I shall not leave my beloved position regardless of rain, wind or dark of night...or a family problem.
I shall then have to swear fealty to the Mormon religion, confess that men are superior to women, and if I haven't gone out and thrown myself in front of a moving bus, go back into the corporate world of cubicles, air-conditioning, one-hour lunches and Christmas parties.
God, am I depressed...



  1. I don't know about that last paragraph. Last week I had to swear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me god before testifying in court. I did hesitate, but went ahead and said I do. :-(

  2. Look at the bright side, if you become mormon you get to become a GOD!

  3. My dear and oldest friend- I feel your pain.
    But what ever happened to San Diego?
    Is there an escape plan?
    We miss you here in California!
    Big non-conformist hugs to you!