Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Self Publishing

CreateSpace - An Amazon Company

So, in an effort to get all of my writing in one place and saved on a computer, I have started using Createspace.
Createspace, is a free self publishing page by Amazon that will publish books on demand.  They get most of the royalties, but I keep possession of my writing and can republish anywhere later.
My reasoning?
When I wrote Contending for the Faith in 1996, I saved it to a 3.5 inch floppy disc on Word 96.  Then, computers changed, my old one died and the new ones didn't support the floppy disc anymore.  So, I used a friend's computer to resave my work onto a CD.  This has happened with many of my files over many years.
Now, I have learned that while electronic media is great for saving files, it sucks keeping up with the latest technology.  So, by self publishing, which costs me nothing, my work is saved on a data base that I don't have to necessarily keep track of .
I will continue to update my files of course, but if I miss something, at least I know I can order a book and have a copy anytime.
Pretty smart eh?

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