Friday, August 16, 2013

Hiking Boots

Fahgetaboutit.  The big, heavy, unbreathable hiking boots are unnecessary when backpacking with a light load.
Tennis shoes are the way to go.  They are light and breathable and they dry quickly.  The US Army, and you KNOW you can trust them, ha,ha, did a study and learned that every pound of weight one carries in their shoes equals 6 pounds on the back.
I can attest to the difference in speed and agility.  I have a pair of hiking boots.  Not the huge clumpers, but high top boots.  They are heavy and I do clomp in them.  In my tennis shoes, I can walk farther without fatiguing so fast, and they breath so my feet don't sweat so much, and I haven't even had an inkling of a blister, though the shoes are new.
As for ankle reinforcement, just a wrap of athletic tape does the trick, and, it's breathable and can be replaced.
Such a deal!

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