Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Backpacking stoves

There is almost no end to the types of stoves for backpacking.  It almost made me cry.
I started with buying this folding Esbit burning stove.
Cost about 10 bucks and weighs 3.25 oz.  Not bad.
Then, I read about a homemade stove that is absolutely ingenious.  Made from a Fancy Feast cat food can with a hole punch.  Even I could do this.  Set the pan on top, put some denatured alcohol in it or an Esbit tablet and ya got fire.
Best of all, it weighs in at a paltry .3 oz.  Woot, woot!


  1. Are there some good mtn trails nearby that you can hike to get started??

  2. Yes, in fact, I am going to do an overnighter next week while on vacation.