Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear Lucy,
I love my country, but sometimes I fear my "fellow Americans".
Oak Harbor, where Katie lives, is a Navy town. They can't help that.
We tried out a little restaurant for dinner and once inside realized it was decked out from stem to stern, floor to ceiling with military memorabilia. Spam, yes that gelatinous mystery meat, was proudly served.
We ate, paid our bill, saluted and got the hell out of there.
Everything in that little town is geared toward the military, especially the Navy. Even the Goodwill has used military clothes for sale, though no grenade launchers which I really would have considered buying...for apple season...
Now, I love that we have a strong military mostly because if we were taken over by a foreign country with a foreign language and, gasp, the metric system, I'd be screwed.
But I am a hippie at heart. And gay. Two things the military frowns upon.
So I wonder, if Oak Harbor is this bad, what's San Diego gonna be like?


  1. San Diego is far far less overtly conservative. Yes, it is quite conservative ont he whole, but San Diego has a vibrant and active gay community headquartered in the Hillcrest neighbourhood. It's quite a bit more like Seattle, being comprised of much smaller and quite distinct neighbourhoods. It has been said that San Diego is a big city masking itself as a small town. I love the place and, despite my über-liberal leanings, would not hesitate to move there if it were economically feasible.

  2. I'm just going to stay snuggled-up against the butt-end of San Francisco ... with a haircut like mine where else could I live? :)