Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Lucy,
Hit 9,515 words today on the novel and tho it is hard to start writing every day, it is amazingly easy to do 1600 words once I get started.
I am amazed at how many people at Barne's and Nobel, where I come to do my writing to get away from distractions, suddenly want to talk to me.
Is there a sign on my head? Perhaps I should make one up to put on the table that says, "Please do not feed or talk to the writer".
My air mattress has become my worst enemy, going flat the last five nights. It is a double height mattress, easier to get in and out of but when I wake up in the middle of the night with my ass touching terafirma and my entire body covered in air mattress, I feel like the wiener in the bun!
Suzie and I have tried several times to patch the two holes we have found with patches for bike tires but I guess they just aren't the same. So I broke down (almost literally) and went to REI to buy air mattress patches. Wish me luck.
--Tired in Bellingham

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