Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Dear Lucy,
So Ken (my bro for those who don't know) flew up from Southern California (ya he's really feeling the sting of the cold).
We went to the nursing home and had a meeting with the physical therapist, occupational therapist, social worker and Dad concerning his progress.
He is doing better in all areas, he has a bit more dementia and his gout is coming back. He is now off of all antibiotics so they are keeping track of his pneumonia.
He will also have a swallow evaluation done as he is exhibiting some swallowing problems and has been for a few months now.
If he does not have a relapse, he will likely get well enough to come back home and I can apply for government help to get a worker to come in as needed to care for him where Suzie can't.
The real problem will be Lucy as she is still a young, energetic dog and can be a fall risk for Dad.
We will have to do our best.
Nothing has been done concerning the bleed he had though it has stopped for now. But it is like a ticking time bomb that will never go away.
He seems happy enough though he isn't quite sure what's going on. He thinks it's 1954, he is single and always has been, and that all that bleeding was from a hemorrhoid.
Lucky him.


  1. After I left you, I spent about 2 hours with Dad. We went for a walk with his walker, about 30 yards down to the common room, rested a bit, and then returned. I helped him into the bathroom where he was able to do his business on his own. He did ask how I thought the meeting went this morning. He was in good spirits and has a great memory about events from my childhood.

  2. Wait... you mean it's not 1954?